Speaking of WATBs

Bite me, Modano:

USA Hockey spokesman Dave Fischer said the longtime Dallas Stars forward — who sharply criticized team management after the Americans’ elimination Wednesday — was the only member of the 23-player squad not to gather at the arena where the Americans were knocked out by Finland.

Modano lashed out after he was benched by coach Peter Laviolette for most of the third period of the 4-3 loss.

“A lot of guys have been there for many years, and maybe we need some new blood in there to run things a little differently,” said Modano, who has represented the U.S. in 11 international competitions. “It’s probably time some things changed.”

When pressed for details of his complaint, Modano cited logistical problems in getting the full team of NHL players and their families over to Europe.

“You’d think USA Hockey would be a well-oiled machine, but it’s not,” he said. “Basically we were on our own for hotels, tickets, flights, stuff like that.”

Jesus, put this guy under a hair dryer already.

You know, I am the biggest hockey fan ever, but I could barely watch this bunch of whiners. I mean, really, thank God we have dream teams full of professionals now, so that when we get our national asses waxed by the Finns, we don’t even have the “but they were just a bunch of kids” excuse to call on.

Not that those kids were shabby.