Tweety’s No Boo Radley Either…..

From Scout:

Thersites at Metacomments made me aware of the fact that Chris ‘Tweety’ Matthews compared Mr. Bush to my daddy Atticus Finch for his stand on the port deal.

Now my first reaction was to split my knuckles to the bone on Tweety’s teeth and call him “whore lady” like I did to Francis but then I thought the better of it because of Atticus.

scout peck

See Atticus was a courageous man who would stand up for his principles even if he stood alone. And he took time to understand each and every person by walking around in their skin. Now I suppose that is where Tweety got the notion that Mr. Bush is like Atticus. Mr. Bush is alone on the port deal and he’s trying to tell us the best about the UAE. Now not to be mean but that is a simpleton understanding of Atticus.

See Atticus didn’t latch onto One Principle when it was convenient. Rather he lived by a whole sytem of values and a code of conduct that derived from those values. He lived his beliefs each day in all his actions with all sort of people. He didn’t just voice them. To do otherwise would have been hypocricy. And Atticus was no hypocrit.

And see that is where Tweety is so wrong. Mr. Bush has said things for almost 5 years now about Arab people to make everyone afraid of them because it served him well especially at the polls. But now he says something else. See in my book (which Tweety should read again) that would be like Atticus calling people the “n” word chapter after chapter and THEN defending Tom Robinson. If that happened Atticus surely wouldn’t be a great hero and today Mr. Cheney would be freely shooting Mockingbirds (he may be anyway but you get my meaning)

You see Atticus lived each day by a code of conduct that requires understanding, empathy and consistency with all people. Mr. Bush does not and if anything his stand on the port deal exposes exactly how he is NOT like Atticus because of his hypocricy. So I think I’ll leave it at that. I wish Mr. Matthews would make more sense but I remember what Atticus once said to Jem…….

There’s a lot of ugly things in this world, son. I wish I could keep ’em all away from you. That’s never possible.