Hang It Around Their Necks

Maybe the best thing I’ve ever read on Kos:

And here’s where it all comes together.

The lack of strategy in Iraq? �It couldn’t have happened without (candidate).

The record deficit? �It couldn’t have happened without (candidate).

The poor response to Katrina? �It couldn’t have happened without (candidate).

The continuation of illegal wiretapping? �It couldn’t have happened without (candidate).

And on and on.

Bush is at 34-39%. �Local lawmakers are at 63%. �Turning the local (R)s into Bush is our best chance of winning in ’06.

That’s exactly what we need to say. Enough of this “we need to find the One True Candidate,” or “we need to find a winning message” or “we need to pick over every single district’s data and have seventeen messages for every house on that one block that didn’t vote for us that one time plus the cat because cats are important” crapola.

There’s more …

We need unified attacks. Attacks that make “Republican” radioactive, no matter WHO the Republican is. You know what “Republican” means to you. Bush-worshipping, Cheney-sucking, warmongering liars who let grandmothers drown in New Orleans while they played guitar and danced. Cackling monsters who want to take your Social Security away, who want to make it harder for your daughter to go to college, who think your son should die in Iraq. They sit in their McMansions and they count their money, and they wouldn’t know a work ethic if one bit them in the ass. Maybe that’s why they can’t govern for shit.

Caricature? Sure. Unfair? Probably. But they didn’t make “liberal” a dirty word by being nuanced. They didn’t get their majority by being fair. You want to keep losing? Keep fapping around not offending anybody and pretending my being rude on a blog is your biggest problem in life. You want to start winning? Make being a Republican shameful. Make it selfish. Make it immoral. Make it about being Daddy Warbucks’ evil twin, the one who rapes Orphan Annie and then throws her back into the orphanage, ruined and alone.

Make that party label something to run away from, and you’ll make them dither around the way they’ve made us dither, saying “I’m not one of those Democrats, you know.” Make them deny they’re part of that Republican party, the one that jokes about hurricane survivors and ships its war dead back as freight and speeds past grieving women, its limousines leaving them in the dust on the way to fundraisers. Make them deny they’re goatfuckers, every Republican, from county clerk on up, from now until their kind is never again seen in politics. Make them denounce their own. Make them betray their friends. Make them ashamed of themselves, and make every single person who votes for them ashamed as well. Make it hard. Make it hurt. Make the loss equal the cost they’ve exacted on this country.

What Would Lyndon Johnson Do?