Send Your Beads to Bush….Fund New Orleans Levees

From Scout:

Send us Your Pictures.

We’ve Gone Wild with Levee Beads. This is the Beads to Bush project. Let George Bush know you want the levees of New Orleans to be rebuilt. Throw some beads to the White House to let him know you want New Orleans saved. How? Read on. Also for more info see this presentation)

Mail some old or new Mardi Gras Beads to George Bush. (any ol beads will do) Place them in an envelope and address it to:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Include this simple message:

Mr. President:

Please Take Responsibility and Set Aside the Necessary Funds for Levee Construction for our fellow Americans in Louisiana.

(Message changed 4/6/2006 due to this)

Sign it and include either a “Friend of New Orleans” or a “Resident of New Orleans”

Here is a blogger with beads who will send them in your name if you click this link and leave a comment there.

Take a picture of your beads and/or message. (and you or pets or friends–be as creative as you like) Then send us a picture of it so we can post it

We want to chronicle this. If you have a message for the people of New Orleans include that in your picture. They really need to hear we do care.

Send your picture to

Here is our first pic of beads to be sent to Bush from spocko bead package spocko pic

Stripe with Athenae’s beads for Bush:


Teddy with Scout’s beads for Bush

teddy nola beads

J.P.’s letter and snazzy beads…

beads for levees

From Vanessa beads pic submit2

beadsbush submit3

Here’s Rick’s… bush beads submit4

Wonderful creativity from janeboatler… beads bush submit

A Drinking Liberally group preparing Beads for Bush

beads-bush- submit 6

beads-bush- submit5