Iraq blogger turns out to be Army Corps of Engineers PR officer

From Scout:

From E&P

The Cincinannti Enquirer’s controversial “Grandma In Iraq” blog, which had drawn criticism because it was being written by a military spokeswoman who had not fully disclosed her identity until last week, will end, the paper’s Web site revealed.

Tom Callinan, Enquirer editor and a supporter of the blog, wrote in his own blog item this weekend that the Web page, which had posted items since last September, would stop. He said the recent controversy did not spark the shutdown, noting that the blogger, Public Affairs Officer Suzanne Fournier, was leaving the war zone.


“Yes, we fumbled in not invasively disclaiming her role as a public relations officer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and we fixed that when it was pointed out,” he wrote. “No, she wasn’t paid by us for her blog, which provided readers an inside look at her experiences over there. And she claims no superiors approved the work done on her time.


So far, however, Fournier, who had defended herself in several postings last week, has yet to write about the blog’s ending or her own future.

Hmmm…..Probably being shipped to New Orleans to help in dishing the Army Corps of Engineers propaganda there. Times Picayune beware.