The State of Peeps

From Scout:

Teddy says it is THAT time of year for…..

teddy peeps 001


Most Beautiful and Best Dressed PEEPS®

The reigning MARSHMALLOW PEEPS® Chick iconic shape was bounced out for the first time by the MARSHMALLOW PEEPS® Bunny.

BUNNY!!!…Oh the Horror. (I’m a traditionalist when it comes to PEEPS)

Public Person or Celebrity Most In Need of PEEPS®

Whether it’s for PEEPS® sweet decadence or for the fluffy escape, interesting people are in need of PEEPS®. The person identified most in need of PEEPS® was President Bush (19.4%). Next in line were Mayor Ray Nagan (9.1%) and Hillary Clinton (8.5%). Followed closely were Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen (8.1%).

You can check out the rest at link above.

Anyone have any PEEPS stories? Mine is after the cut

From Scout:

Well it isn’t much of a story but it is mine and it is all PEEPS. As a little kid (and I stress little) I loved Peeps and I thought of them as little pets and friends. So one year I decided to save them from the certain jaws of death (my siblings jaws of course) So I started hiding them around the house….and of course forgot about them as little ones do. That is until months later when my Mother began finding the hardened little critters in the strangest of places (under appliances etc.) Let’s just say she wasn’t pleased with my PEEPS activism. There after I ate my PEEPS and started rescuing KITTIES!

My poor Mom.