DNC Meets in New Orleans

From Scout:

I like this and the Democrats should hammer the Republicans on the ongoing disaster that is Katrina from now to November and beyond…..

Wielding hammers, crowbars and shovels, Democrats plan to clean out hurricane-ravaged homes in this slowly recovering city, a project designed to highlight the party’s criticism of the Bush administration. The choice of New Orleans for the Democratic National Committee meeting that begins Thursday was part of a political calculation, as is a three-day agenda for the 400 delegates that combines party business with community service.

Eight months after Hurricane Katrina and the widespread criticism of the administration’s response, Democrats hope their reconstruction work leaves an image with voters that lasts through the congressional midterm elections.


Post-hurricane New Orleans “is not just a symbol of Bush’s incompetence but it’s also a reminder that we can’t leave our fellow Americans behind,” Karen Finney, a party spokeswoman, said.


Groups of Democratic delegates will clean up lawns and clean out, stabilize and demolish homes in disrepair. Others will distribute clothing and other necessities to victims and pack groceries for the needy.