Not That It’s Likely To Matter in Wingnuttia

But Colin Powell was a retired general when he described President Clinton’s Kosovo plans as hope to win, and I was kind of young then, but I don’t recall the automatic military coup that followed, nor the country sinking into the sea, nor really any alteration at all in American government as a result of this stunning breach of separation of powers or etiquette or Yahtzee or whatever the hell the 101st is claiming is about to happen now.

It’s all just one big dodge, yet again, to discount the opinions of people who would otherwise be listened to with respect on this topic. The latest on the generals from Jeff The Lesser is that they were touched by the Clenis and therefore cannot be uninfected with blow job cooties or something. The point is that you don’t have to be worried, darling boys, you don’t have to put down your GI Joe and wonder why big strong manly general types are so down on your toy war. You don’t have to think about whether or not you might be misguided in disagreeing with William F. Buckley, actual war veterans, conservative senators, Gold Star parents, former presidents, and apparently by this time most of the American public. None of those people can be trusted. They’re all compromised in one way or another. Buckley’s senile. Cindy Sheehan’s crazy. Jimmy Carter was a crap president anyway. Chuck Hagel is a flaming liberal, and so is Jack Murtha. John Kerry shot himself in the leg. It’s all okay. Relax. Just keep repeating to yourself that it’s all gonna work out just fine and then, then, on that glorious day at the naming of George W. Bush Memorial Square in Baghdad, 60 percent of America will be really, really sorry. Because freedom isn’t free, you know.

Maybe it’s my innate faith in people but I really do keep thinking at some point somebody’s going to come along who’ll actually make them question their passionate love affair with sending other people to be blowin’ up the Ay-rabs in Iraq. I keep thinking that at some point, somebody’s got to still have crediblity with them. I mean, you do at some point hit your head on the roof, right?

Probably not. I’ve never in my life seen such slavish devotion to an absolutely fact-free state. I think at this point if George W. Bush himself came out of the Oval Office, hand in hand with Cheney, and declared the whole thing to be a clusterfuck and so totally over, over in Freeperville and in Jeff Goldstein’s comments section, you’d find dozens of people claiming it must have been some Democrat who got to them.