Conservative Implosion

During the whole Ben Domenech debacle, I became rather fond of Red State. Its earnestness, the constant meta, the e-penis waving, all reminded me in online fashion of my college newspaper, which was steadfast in its journalism but relentless in its intraoffice bullshit. This “I’m WAY more committed than someone who I won’t name but whose intials are Q and P” bitchery could be charming provided you were safely on the sidelines, 40-ouncer of malt liquor in hand, watching the cats with their tails tied together hang over the clothesline. That’s what Red State has come to be for me: a spectator blood sport, which I feel vaguely ashamed of myself for enjoying.

Witness the comments to this post, which I’m sure was at some point a rip on a story that points out how Republicans have got themselves all tarted up and lipsticked for crazy bigots, and how it makes them look bad at Bill Buckley’s Beaujolais/cheese parties:

The race and class warfare issues …also distinguish liberals, conservatives and the two major political parties from one another. In addition to the two party’s conflicting definitions of the “human being”, another wedge issue concerns private ownership of property. While the Democrats take from those who have “more’, and give it to those who have “less”, Republicans oppose them.

Yes. Democrats. We’re like Robin Hood, in a way.

Which makes Republicans … the Sheriff of Nottingham? King John? I’m confused. Which one was played by a panther-looking thing in the Disney animated version?

It seems as if over the past several years the party has abandoned all of the planks which distinguished it from the Democratic party, to the point that many of us have to search out reasons to vote for it.

Slackers. What about the gay-hating? You guys have the lock, pretty much, on the gay-hating, the fetus-worship, and the Terri Schaivo Memorial Highway and Overpass Bill. What more do you want from us, honestly?!

NR Online, and most especially The Corner, is a different breed of cat.

Insert your own John Ashcroft joke here.

I think that instead, many grass roots conservatives have grown tired of the endless compromises and sacrifices that politics entails given how little they seem to be getting from their party of choice. This unease is turning them back to philosophical purity and first principles and thus provoking disputes with other perspectives within the movement.

Plug ‘er into the ol’ bullshit-to-realitybased translator and you get, “We promised the rubes they’d never have to watch Will and Grace again, and now they’re PISSED.”

It’s not like reading over at Freeperville, where the spelling makes your retinas bleed and the AOL kiddiespeak hurts your spleen. These guys use punctuation, and they’re still this much fun. I could sit here and do this all day.