Puppies, Batteries and Onions…Oh My.

From Scout:

Maybe it’s just me but I was laughing out loud reading this article…. “He’s Back Again” from the Sun Herald:

BILOXI – President Bush stopped in at a volunteer base camp Thursday, played with puppies and shook hands with some of those who have been working in the community since Hurricane Katrina hit. A security threat was also quickly extinguished by the Secret Service


The president’s remarks were brief, and he congratulated several volunteers in front of the tool shed.

“I have come to the conclusion that I am at an incredible place,” Bush said, standing among the volunteers.

After leaving the volunteer site, the jovial nature of the visit was broken for a couple of seconds while the president mingled inside Fayard’s BP station on Pass Road. Outside the station, a cigarette-smoking customer pumped gas, but an alert Secret Service agent halted the safety threat by making the woman extinguish her smoke, seconds before Bush ambled out, without one of the station’s trademark pressed po-boys.

The president talked to pedestrians who were pumping gas, pointing to the skyrocketing gas prices and saying he supports increasing Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, which are a minimum fuel-efficiency standard new cars must meet.

He also touted alternative energy sources such as ethanol and batteries.


He held a couple of puppies that are looking for a good home. Bush said he has no favorite among the White House dogs, denying Barney is his top dog.

One volunteer couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“That’s a little over the top, the president holding puppies,” he said.


The president spent some time with Niko Poore, a volunteer from Putney, Vt., who gave him an onion from his crop.

“I don’t think I’ll eat it now,” Bush said, wiping the dirt away.

Poore said his life has been surreal since he hitchhiked here from Vermont.

“It’s amazing I could be some redneck hitchhiking and coming down here and cutting trees and now I am meeting the president,” Poore said with a grin.