The Boss

From Scout:

boss in nola

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Friend and NOLA resident lb0313 was at NOLA’s Jazzfest yesterday. lb wrote that Springsteen was unbelievably moving and the concert was Just. The. Best. A few highlights lb shared and with lb’s permission I share with you….

Also the staged end of the show had his band marching off-stage, second line-like, leaving only the tuba playing. As a friend said, only here could you have 100,000 people rocking out to a tuba. When he came back for the encore – he brought us to tears with ‘City of Ruins’ and I have never heard an audience sing as loud and as long as we did for the ‘Come on, Rise up. Come on, Rise up’ chorus. And it was such a sweet, sweet simple rendition of ‘When the Saints’. We all, of course, waved our white Kleenex/Hankies/what have you. He played until the sun set.

lb also shared that…

Earlier in the afternoon a plane flew overhead trailing an ‘Impeach Bush’ sign. The whole crowd clapped and screamed and yelled- just like a wave at a stadium.