The World Is Upside Down

The bullshit isn’t surprising me anymore:

The Justice Department report also included an annual update on the number of warrants that the department had obtained through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, a secret federal court for intelligence and terrorism investigations.

Applications for electronic surveillance and physical search warrants — which almost always are approved by the court — rose to 2,074 in 2005, compared with 1,758 in 2004. Last year’s total was more than double the number sought in 2000.

That court is the tribunal that the Bush administration has been bypassing in a warrantless domestic surveillance program since shortly after Sept. 11.

So the court isn’t fast enough or good enough or willing enough to grant warrants, so Bush needs to bypass it, so he’s using the court … more? The LA Times lays it out like that, and when you read it through the first time you assume it doesn’t make any sense because there’s something you don’t get, some nuance which has escaped you.

And then you read it again and realize the reason it doesn’t make any sense is that it doesn’t make any sense.