Howie Please Exhale Like a Sportswriter

From Scout:

Howard Kurtz wrote Sunday about the media’s New Orleans “burnout” from which I learned Katrina is a big story that isn’t over but it’s so hard to cover so can you blame the media for not doing so but it really should be covered even if people are tired of it because there are boats in the road due to wind (see Harry Shearer on that) and bodies still being found and even if producers would think it’s boring to cover survivor’s stories well post Katrina NOLA really is NEWS!

OK that purposely crappy sentence about covers what is a most undaring attempt by Kurtz to take the media to task over Katrina coverage. Kurtz has recently been in NOLA and discovered the “the absence of progress is the story.” I THINK it upset him but Kurtz takes whatever he was feeling on an excuse laden Myopia Tour (not to be confused with NOLA “Misery Tours“) unlike Sports Illustrated Peter King who left no questions about how he felt about Katrina fatigue and what should be done ….

Am I ticked off? Damn right I’m ticked off. If you’re breathing, you should be morally outraged. Katrina fatigue? Hah! More Katrina news! Give me more! Give it to me every day on the front page! Every day until Washington realizes there’s a disaster here every bit as urgent as anything happening in this world today — fighting terrorism, combating the nuclear threat in Iran.

Yes the scope of Katrina ravaged New Orleans can be overwhelming but beyond the “normal rules” for the media to convey? Destruction—too hard to convey it with photographs? Good thing those WWII photojournalists didn’t have Kurtz around back in the day or I wouldn’t even know to say NOLA looks like bombed out Berlin. Destruction —too hard to convey in writing? Yet Kurtz then goes on to write ably of just that destruction.

My guess, and it would have to be a guess given what I read, is that stifled media critic Kurtz was affected and probably outraged but he just can’t he take the next logical step that a breathing sportswriter had the courage to do in a SPORTS column–Tell the press to…


NOLA Just do it