Our Commenters Nail It

Specifically aimai, who wrote in response to this post that

This is the response you get every time you write an LTE or send an email–“you must be some kind of nut, to care so much about a policy issue.” There’s never a chance, in the non blogging world, to point out to the person you are writing to that you are writing in response to the fact that *they* are writing about, or misstating, what they apparently think are important policy issues. Their attitude is they are paid to write, and so they write–without interest or emotion. That you write to them *For free* is already a sign that you are a nutcase.

I’m not entirely sure it’s about money versus no money (most non-bloggers seem to think this Interweb thing is a fountain of cash, which, not so much) but I do think it’s a very childish and defensive reaction to our breaching the separation between people who are tasked with “doing the thinking” for punditry in Washington, and everybody else. Nobody likes it when you screw with their conventional wisdom.

I would say her words apply pretty universally to our coddled talking head class, which badly needs to be flunked.