Ted Koppel Can Stick His Mercenaries In His Ass

From Holden:

OK, so that’s not quite the way Amnesty International put it.

Amnesty International today assailed the United States’ use of military contractors in Iraq as “war outsourcing” and said the behavior of some contractors had diminished America’s moral standing.

“War outsourcing is creating the corporate equivalent of Guantnamo Bay — a virtual rules-free zone in which perpetrators are not likely to be held accountable for breaking the law,” Larry Cox, the executive director of Amnesty International USA, said in Washington as the human rights body presented its annual report in London.


Of the estimated 25,000 military contractors working in Iraq, he said some “stand accused of engaging in or supporting human rights violations such as sexual abuse and torture. Some have been implicated in the Abu Ghraib scandal, and numerous news reports highlight how contractors have fired at civilians in Iraq with devastating consequences.” There had been no prosecutions of contractors, he said.

“Illegal behavior of contractors and of those who designed and carried out U.S. torture policies and the reluctance of the government to bring perpetrators to justice are tarnishing the reputation of the United States, hurting the image of American troops and contributing to anti-American sentiment,” Mr. Cox said.