Town Hall Meeting on Levees Held in NOLA

From Scout:

The Independent Levee Investigation Team which released its stinging report yesterday on NOLA’s levees held a town hall meeting Monday evening……

“I myself, personally, wouldn’t purchase property and move into New Orleans if the intent of the nation, the state and the locals is to keep doing things the same way,” team leader Ray Seed, a geotechnical engineer from the University of California-Berkeley, said at a New Orleans town hall meeting Monday.


The town hall was called to give residents and elected officials a chance to ask questions about the report.

The audience was short on officials however. Only newly re-elected New Orleans City Councilwoman Cynthia Hedge Morrell came in to talk with the panel.

Former Lakeview resident Lena Pantanelli spoke for many Katrina survivors when she implored the out-of-town panel for help.

“I’ve lost everything. Flood insurance wasn’t required.” the retiree told them.

“We need help badly down here. I don’t like to be a protester … but tell us what to do. Do we go to Washington as a group? And where are our leaders? Why aren’t they here?” (emphasis mine)

Good Question

This is just heartbreaking.