AC Goes David Blaine in a Man Cage

From Scout:

Last night Anderson Cooper was broadcasting from a floodgate construction site at the 17th Street canal. He opened with this

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: You’re not going to believe, actually, what I’m about to do. I’m not exactly good with heights, so I’m not even sure I believe it. But we are about to give you a bird’s-eye view of the rebuilding here in New Orleans, literally. This is what they call the man cage. I’m actually attached to a gigantic crane.

The build up for Anderson’s crossing of the canal continued from there. We were going to get a “bird’s eye view” of the work being done. I was actually ecxited. You guys know me. I really wanted to look down and see all the detail of what was happening. Well it turned out not to be what I expected given the tease billing.

And since AC 360 kept teasing billing another story…..

ANNOUNCER:….And sinking city — spending billions to rebuild New Orleans on sinking ground, is that really such a good idea in?

Only to eventually bring on the expert who lo and behold instread said this……

COOPER: So, the — the — I mean, what is the takeaway from this report? It — it sounds depressing. It sounds pretty bleak.

There have been some — I mean, a colleague of yours suggested, you know, not to rebuild in a lot of areas of New Orleans, that he called it a death trap. Do you think that’s true?

DOKKA: No. It’s not a — it’s not a death trap. What we now — we now know what we need to do. Now we just need the money to go and fix the levees and make them — make them high enough to protect our — our citizens.

Well I’m not going to feel bad at showing and having a bit of fun with the Man Cage Crossing which was a bit long on AC and short on the bird’s eye view. Did I mention the book plugs?