How Does This Happen?

From Holden:

What the fuck? What in god’s name are US forces in Iraq doing? A 155mm is a big fucking gun, and you tell me we’re training troops to use it within range of heavily populated Iraqi cities? Sounds like a long-range Haditha to me.

The US military has admitted that three Iraqi civilians killed in an explosion on Friday died because of an artillery training exercise that went wrong.

An artillery round fired from a US military base near Hibhib (about 20km north of Baquba) struck a building in the nearby town, a statement said.

Two Iraqis were killed instantly, while a third died later from her wounds.


Troops fired the 155mm shell from the base near Baquba, the US military statement said.

“A short time later Iraqi police reported an explosion at a building in the town [Hibhib] that killed two Iraqi civilians, injured four others and damaged six houses,” it said.

It added that an injured woman was taken to a military medical facility but later died.