Democrats Should Help Other Democrats

What the hell, Durbin? Obama?

For those outside the Beltway who think the country needs a 180-degree turn, “challenge everywhere” sounds like common sense. (After all, Karl Rove made a career of attacking the opposition at its strongest point.) But will Illinois and national Democratic power brokers back this long shot? Does Mayor Daley even want them to? Does Daley want to cross a speaker of the House who has supported his O’Hare expansion plan?

Illinois has two popular Democratic senators who aren’t facing reelection campaigns in 2006. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama have campaigned with Laesch’s fellow “fighting Dem,” L. Tammy Duckworth, who’s running for an open seat in the adjacent Sixth District. Their political action committees each gave her campaign $10,000 in December, before she’d even won the primary. That doesn’t mean they’ll help Laesch.

Seriously, what the hell? Daley, you’re gonna be elected mayor until you either quit or die, what have you got to lose by giving Laesch a little love here? I’m not even talking about money, I’m just talking a speech, a TV ad, something. Durbin, Obama, your seats couldn’t be safer. Do you have some vested interest in Hastert retaining his seat? Because as a Democrat, I have to say I think it’d be kind of nice if we got some other Democrats elected. Hey Rahm Emmanuel, this guy’s practically your neighbor. You know how your whole thing is supposed to be about taking back Congress? Maybe you could, you know, take it back. I get that resources are scarce. But continuing to concentrate on the few races where a loss won’t be dishonorable isn’t exactly going to inspire people to give you the big bucks.

Oh, but his campaign is “quixotic.” He’s “unabashedly liberal,” as if liberals should slink about in apologetics for their views. Give me a break. You want to contest every seat, then contest every seat, dammit. Run like you mean it.