Changeover in White House Communications Team Complete

From Holden:

First Trent Duffy left without explanation.

Then Little Scottie, despite his tears, was eased out the door.

Now Nicole Wallace is quitting to spend more time with her family.

MR. SNOW: Personnel note — we have a personnel announcement to make. Nicolle Wallace, White House Communications Director, will be stepping down, effective Friday. We’re going to miss her. Nicolle is not only a terrific professional, but also somebody who is just an absolutely wonderful colleague. As you know, she and her husband, Mark, have been separated since he became an ambassador and is serving in our U.N. mission, and they thought that they would decide to live together as a married couple. So we wish them both the very best.

And that concludes the preliminary announcements. Now time for questions.

Q Who is replacing her?

MR. SNOW: We don’t have a replacement yet. She is, of course, irreplaceable. But we are looking for somebody to fill the position. No, there’s not a — obviously, we’ll do this as quickly as we can.

Q Separated only by distance, not separated?

MR. SNOW: Yes. Hitting a little close to home, Kelly. That’s absolutely right. Separated by distance, united by love.

Josh Bolten has now killed all of the messengers.