From Scout:

Lynn Elber of AP has a profile of CNN’s Jack Cafferty at (via mediabistro)

Here are some quotes from Jack…

–“I think that’s what viewers pick up,” he said. “I’m not some hair-sprayed, programmed anchorette who’s wound up for an hour, wheeled into the desk and sat there and the computer turns me on and off and the script comes out like it’s supposed to.”

–“I thought (anchor) Wolf Blitzer was going to eat his script when I asked if Tom DeLay had been indicted yet, because he hadn’t been,” Cafferty recalled, adding: “If he hadn’t been indicted he probably should have and I hope he goes to prison and sits there for the rest of his life. He’s a jerk.”

–“I tend to be independent. I went from cheering George Bush on to thinking he’s one of the great failures to ever occupy the White House,” Cafferty said.

–“It doesn’t matter whether I like the labels or not. People have their opinions and that’s fine. … I’m not working on an image.”

Jack’s the best part of the Situation Room