Civil War

From Holden:

Oh, it’s on, baby. It is on. And US forces are stuck in the middle.

Intense clashes erupted today between Shiite and Sunni Arab fighters in a village north of Baghdad, highlighting the sectarian violence that is fracturing Iraq. American soldiers also took part in the battles, but it was unclear exactly what role they played.

One local resident, Abdul Hadi al-Dulaimi, said that the village, which is mostly Sunni Arab, was being raided by Shiite policemen working with militiamen to take revenge for a recent suicide bombing. American troops were siding with the Shiites and had deployed aircraft and ground troops, Mr. Dulaimi said. The fighting raged into the night.

An American military spokesman in Baghdad, Maj. William Willhoite, said in the evening that “there is something going on up there,” but had few further details.