Afghanistan worsens…British may send more troops

From Scout:

Yesterday in Afghanistan from the NYT…..

KABUL, Afghanistan, July 5 — Three bombs apparently aimed at buses carrying government workers and Afghan troops exploded in the capital during morning rush hour Wednesday, killing at least one person and wounding at least 45, officials said.


Afghanistan is in the grip of an increasingly aggressive anti-government insurgency and U.S.-led counteroffensive in which more than 600 people, most of them suspected rebels, have died since early May. Most attacks have taken place in the rural south and east, where guerrillas can hide in rugged terrain and seek refuge across the border in Pakistan.

But in recent weeks, attacks have begun occurring in major cities and provincial capitals including Kandahar and Qalat in the south, Kabul, and Herat in the far west. This past week, a girls school was bombed and burned in Herat, a suicide bomb exploded on the main highway through Qalat, and a suicide bomber reportedly tried to attack the home of former Kandahar governor Gul Agha Shirzai, killing three people.

According to the BBC the British are considering sending more troops following a request from their commander on the ground for more resources…

The possibility of sending more UK troops to Afghanistan is being considered “as a matter of urgency”, the defence secretary has said.

Des Browne said he had received advice on additional deployments and that he was discussing it with chiefs of staff.


Brigadier Ed Butler, who is in overall command of the UK troops in Afghanistan, had told the BBC two days ago that he had asked for extra resources, saying: “I’ve put in requests, which are being considered back in London as we speak, to take account for the change in circumstances.”

Speaking in the Commons on Thursday, Mr Browne said Brig Butler’s request was for extra engineering resources.


A Ministry of Defence spokesman said that the latest request from military commanders on the ground was for a “significant” increase in resources, but he would not confirm whether this would mean significant numbers of extra troops.