Ignoring SCOTUS

From Holden:

Also from yesterday’s interview with Larry King, Chimpy seems intent on ignoring the portion of the Hamdan decision that requires him to abide by the Geneva Conventions.

KING: What do you make of the court’s decision on Guantanamo?

G. BUSH: They finally ruled and I have been saying to people that we want to resolve the Guantanamo issue, but the court has got to give us a road map forward. They did. It basically said it’s OK to have Guantanamo but you have got to work with Congress to devise a military tribunal, military commission in such a way that conforms to our laws and …


G. BUSH: Yeah. It is. Everybody wants to solve the problem. This is a very unusual set of circumstances, though. These are illegal combatants. People picked up off the battlefield. We’re at war against these folks but they don’t wear uniforms. And the Geneva Convention was set up for dealing with nation states. There’s no nation state here. There is an ideology but not a nation state and so this is an opportunity to work with Congress to deal with this issue.