Off The Deep End

From Holden:

Sounds like a certain Republican Juggernaut is getting desperate.

[A]fter a question from a member of the audience about illegal contributions made to her campaign by a defense contractor in 2004, [Rep. Katherine] Harris said that she had not known the $32,000 donation was illegal and she has since donated the money to charity.

She then upped the political ante by suggesting Nelson had made a similar mistake.

“That actually happened in the past, and it happened to Bill Nelson,” Harris said. “The difference is that when I did find out, I donated that money to charity. . . . He received some $80,000 the same way and he never did reimburse. So there is a little bit of difference, and I’m happy to draw attention to that.”

She never identified the money to which she was referring.

And where will today find our beloved Katherine? Why, courting Alligator Bob, of course.

Today, she is scheduled to talk to Lakeland voters at Fred’s Market Restaurant with “special guest Alligator Bob – a Hillsborough County native and fourth generation Floridian who is active in local party politics.”