Anti Gay Marriage Amendment in WI could draw Dems to polls

From Scout:

Wisconsin will have an anti gay marriage amendment on the ballot this November. A new poll shows the state split on the proposal. From

VOTE FOR: 48.5 percent

VOTE AGAINST: 47.8 percent

DON’T KNOW/REFUSED: 3.7 percent

Self-identified political “independents” responding to the survey generally opposed the amendment.

Generally, those identifying themselves as Republicans, conservatives or backers of Mark Green for governor supported the amendment, and those identifying themselves as Democrats, liberals or supporters of Jim Doyle for governor opposed the amendment.

But the most intense reading appeared to come from self-identified liberals in opposition, meaning the fight against the amendment could help bring out Democratic-leaning voters this November. (emphasis mine)

That last point is most interesting. It would be important if in Wisconsin such an amendment would backfire on this conservative GOTV strategy by actually serving to get out the vote of Dems and liberals. Just how often would this tactic be used in the future if it were demonstrated to help elect Democrats?