Wrong Again

From Holden:

Chimpy, March 22, 2006:

So I changed our foreign policy. I said, freedom is universal; history has proven democracies do not fight each other, democracies can yield peace we want, so let’s advance freedom. And that’s what’s happening.


Democracies don’t war.

Both Israel and Lebanon were democracies last time I checked.

The Israeli forces entered Lebanon soon after the 9 a.m. abduction [of two Israeli soldiers]. At least three soldiers were killed in a blast involving one of the tanks, Israeli officials said. Preliminary reports said four other soldiers also had been killed.

In southern Lebanon, fighter jets bombed five bridges in quick succession, effectively cutting off that region from the rest of the country, civil defense officials said. At least two Lebanese civilians were killed in one of the bridge strikes, and a power plant was badly damaged.

Air strikes hit the cities of Marjuyun and Kfar Shouba. Warships were shelling Lebanon, Israeli news agencies reported, and witnesses said Katyusha rockets were being fired from the western part of the border into Israel, close to the Mediterranean Sea.