Couldn’t Cut It In Baseball

From Holden:

Austin filmmaker Richard Linklater on the Slacker in Chief.

In 1989 Bush invested $500,000 of borrowed money in the Texas Rangers, assuming the title of managing general partner in the process. Bush held the job for five years, eventually leaving to run for governor of Texas. But, according to some intimates, he ran for office only after realizing that his dream job — commissioner of baseball — was going to Milwaukee Brewers owner Bud Selig.

“That’s all Bush wanted, to be baseball commissioner,” Linklater says. “And he probably would have been OK, but he wasn’t qualified, so he ran for governor of Texas on the family name and family money.”


“One of the most exciting things in baseball right now is that they added some wild card teams (in 1995),” Linklater says. “And what one voter of all the teams voted against expanding the playoffs? (It was Bush.) And what was his quote? He said, ‘I think it’s bad for baseball, and history will prove me right.’ Wow. History has really proven him right on that one. But that’s the mind-set.”

“It would be great if someone could sneak this question to him: Do you still think the wild card was a bad thing for baseball? And I guarantee you, knowing him, knowing his ego, his simple mind, he would say, Yeah. I don’t like that.’

“It’s an innocuous enough question, but it says everything about a mind-set that’s unwavering despite all evidence. It has been proven in other realms. I’d just like to test it. It’d be a nice field test for his own general thinking, wouldn’t it?