‘A Slip of the Tongue’

Apparently that’s the new term for being a total idiot:

The word is spreading: The Internet is not a big truck. It’s “a series of tubes.”

Two weeks ago Senator Ted Stevens, a Republican from Alaska, shared this information at a Senate committee hearing to explain why he voted against an amendment aimed at ensuring that traffic on the Internet be delivered equally, an idea known as “net neutrality.”

And while it is true that the Internet is not a big truck, the senator might feel as if he has been run over by one. His comments have been posted on blogs, lampooned on “The Daily Show” and have spawned musical spinoffs, including a folk version and a techno song with the senator’s analogies mixed in. (A video for the latter, with shots of 1960’s mainframes and big trucks, surfaced on YouTube.com on Friday.)

Via Spork In The Drawer.