I Am My Own Politician

I like this diary a whole lot:

Now, I don’t know if this new-found revelation will only last a week. But even if it does, I know I’ve embedded the kernels of truth back there, and all that needs to happen is for them to be sprouted by a constant Democratic message.

And you know the amazing thing? I didn’t use one-third of what was in my arsenal. I didn’t talk about civil rights for gays. I didn’t talk about abortion. I didn’t even talk about terrorism, and I barely touched on support for the military–and yet, what I had to say still had a huge effect.

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT WE CAN WIN ANYWHERE ON THESE MESSAGES. Americans everywhere are ready for a message of clean energy, economic populism, proper effective healthcre, and getting money out of politics.

Are our politicians up to the task? Maybe they are, and maybe they’re not. But if they’re not, we have to start being the politicians ourselves.

Now, obviously, the person you’re talking to has to be willing to talk and not just take nasty shots at you, which is a hurdle to get over in and of itself, but I’ve had conversations like this with people I never thought I could talk politics to. And though at times I still tend to be too impatient with the lack of thought process that often goes along with dittoheadism, and I jump into hostility too quickly, it really is a wonderment when you realize people have questions, they want answers, and they’re not getting them from the people who claim to be telling them the truth. If they’re brave enough to put their beliefs out there and participate in a conversation that leads to both sides challenging each other vigorously but respectfully, it can be a really great way to change minds.

It’s tempting to just say eh, fuck ’em, if they’re Republicans they deserve what they get. Also it can be fucking exhausting refuting the same three talking points over and over and over again. But if Rush Limbaugh’s the only one doing the talking, his is the only message anybody’s ever going to hear.