Knuckling Under

Christ on a pogo stick:

Democrats had featured the video ad for nearly two weeks on the DCCC Web site where it had gone largely unnoticed until Republicans began objecting to it this week. On Thursday, more than a dozen Republicans, many with military backgrounds, called on DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., to apologize. Democratic Reps. John Spratt of South Carolina and Chet Edwards of Texas asked Emanuel to pull or alter the ad.

“We’re moving to another major effort that we’re highlighting on our Web site,” DCCC spokesman Bill Burton said.

In South Carolina, Spratt’s Republican challenger, state Rep. Ralph Norman, commended the removal. It was “the right thing to do for the state, country and especially the brave men and women who serve in our military,” said Norman’s spokesman, Nathan Hollifield.

First of all, the AP story is crap. Democrats refused to take the ad down, and switching out an ad is not the same as pulling it because of protest.

Second, I could not be happier about the minimum wage initiatives on the ballot. I could not be happier about consistency in message across all districts and all states. I am jumping for fucking joy over here, because this is exactly what we need to be doing to make the point that We The People, Bitches, and They The Greedy Robber Barons and Key Lay Klones, and such.

However. A few choice words for Mssrs. Spratt and Edwards, because it’s possible they haven’t yet seen the memo.

Wow. There’s no better way to show your strength on national security than by crying like little girls the minute your opponents take a swing at you. There’s really no better way to demonstrate to a country conditioned over the past six years to want to vote for the biggest alpha male that you are, in fact, that alpha male, than by turning right around and agreeing with the bully that yes, your mother is a 50 cent whore and if they just wait for a moment you will fetch the change they asked for.

Just as Nancy’s best response would have been a hearty, “Oh, screw you, you lying cheating, war-crimes-committing, torture-approving, terrorist-amnesty-granting chipmunk. Why don’t you go find those weapons of mass destruction if you’re so concerned about our troops, and take C-Plus Augustus with you. We’ve got work to do,” the gentle congressmen referenced above would be best off learning that if stay quiet, they’ll still hit you.

Why aren’t you calling on Republicans to apologize? To the families of nearly 3,000 dead in Iraq. To the citizens killed in insurgent attacks that would never have happened had we not shoved our national fist up the hornet’s nest. To the reporters called treasonous for doing their jobs, to the soldiers called treasonous for opposing the war. To the families who for now and all time have an empty chair at the table, both here and overseas, because Republicans wanted to get elected and blow up some ragheads more than they wanted to fight real terrorism and deal with real problems. Why don’t you call on Republicans to apologize? Why don’t you call on Republicans to apologize to homeless veterans, to those struggling with nightmares and flashbacks, to the people our country really betrayed, who have never heard of this ad and never will, but who know from honoring the troops on Veterans Day and fucking ’em over the rest of the year? Where’s their apology for, you know, the things that actually affect their lives, the wrongs done to them that cheat their futures and keep their children hungry?

Compared to that, what could Democrats possibly have to apologize for?

But I suppose it’s easier to kick your own party around. After all, it worked out pretty good for Joe Lieberman for a long time. It’s working pretty good for Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden. They’re all pretty comfortable telling the people who carry their luggage that the peons aren’t good enough for them anymore. So I can see where Mssrs. Spratt and Edwards became confused.

The very last thing you do is what a Republican asks you to do. The very last thing. Come fall when this gets shoved in their faces every day and hung around their necks like this war should be hung around Republicans’, these two guys are going to be wondering how on earth their message didn’t get out, how on earth they could have been perceived as weak.