Coffin Nails for the Republican Juggernaut

From Holden:

Why is Katherine Harris yanking money out of her campaign in order to remodel her Washington abode?

Because her train wreck of a Senate campaign is effectively over.

Federal investigators have interviewed U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris’ former top political strategist about the congresswoman’s dealings with a defense contractor at the center of a widening Capitol Hill corruption probe.

Political consultant Ed Rollins confirmed Monday that Justice Department lawyers and FBI agents recently questioned him for two hours in Washington. He said the discussion focused on Harris’ dealings with Mitchell Wade, a defense contractor who funneled $32,000 in illegal campaign contributions to Harris and also bribed a former California congressman.

Wade, who is cooperating with federal authorities, pleaded guilty to giving the illegal donations to Harris in 2004. He also admitted trying to curry favor with her in 2005 by offering to hold a fundraiser for her U.S. Senate campaign in Florida.