Late Again Naturally

From Scout:

Evacuations from Lebanon:

The French on board–Monday

evac french

The Italians on board–Monday

evac italian monday warship

The Germans board buses–Monday

evac germans

The Swedes on board–Tuesday

evac swedes

The Greeks boarding–Tuesday

evac greek

The British boarding–Tuesday

evac british

America–We’re coming

Nearly a week into the violence, the evacuation has been criticized as slow and chaotic. Vice Adm. Patrick M. Walsh, the top U.S. Naval officer in the Mideast, said nine Navy ships were en route to the area and officials had arranged for a second commercial ship to dock in Beirut. “You will see a dramatic ramp-up tomorrow,” promised Maura Harty, assistant secretary of state for consular affairs.

The administration is getting hammered pretty good on this. So how long until we hear wingnut attacks that blame the stranded for living in Lebanon in the first place …5,4,3,2…..