Friday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

From Holden:

If I could forget for a minute the role Katherine Harris played in disenfranchising thousands of Florida voters while installing the Worst President Ever in office I might feel sorry for her.

But I can’t make that leap, so I’m delighted to see that the Republican Party chair in her home county blocked a motion to endorse Harris in the Republican senate primary.

SARASOTA COUNTY — It’s no secret that Katherine Harris has struggled for most of the past 12 months to win acceptance from state and national leaders in her bid for a U.S. Senate seat.

But back home in Sarasota, local Republicans would surely get behind the Longboat Key Republican, right?

Not quite.

Republican Party Chairman Bob Waechter on Thursday night blocked a vote on a proposal to endorse Harris in the GOP primary, saying the person who made the motion didn’t state the time, date and place he intended to make his recommendation prior to the party’s regular monthly meeting.

Waechter said he had no choice but to rule the attempt to endorse the congresswoman out of order.

Party Vice Chairman Eric Robinson had proposed making the endorsement even though Harris faces three other Republicans in the Sept. 5 primary. Two of those opponents, Will McBride and LeRoy Collins Jr., were among those in the audience. Harris and Peter Monroe, also running for the seat, were not there.

Robinson said Harris’ perceived lack of support from the party has become such an issue, he thought it necessary for the local party to help her out.