Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Chimpy returns to the scene of the crime.

Does He Know What It Means?

We need to get homes available for people. A renewed New Orleans is a New Orleans with new homes. Everybody understands that. The people here, and those who have left, they all tell me one thing — particularly those who — “I miss New Orleans,” is what they say.

I Think I’m Beginning to Be Sick

That’s the spirit we want people who are watching from afar to understand, this home is beginning to be.

Yale Shmale

There needs to be better sewers and better infrastructure, around which a new New Orleans can emerge. I listened carefully, and to the extent there’s bureaucracy standing in the way, me and Don Powell will — or Don Powell and I — excuse me, darlin’ — Don Powell and I — Don Powell and I will work to get rid of them.

Be Charge of the Future

It’s very important, however, that people understand that the best way to make sure the school system delivers excellence is there be local control of schools, that people be charge of the future — local people be in charge of the future of the New Orleans schools.

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From Holden:

Any idea what the word of the day was today?

Secondly, in order to make sure that — (applause) — in order to make sure that people understand there’s hope and renewal in this area, they’ve got to have confidence in a stronger levee system.