Juggernaut Update No. 1: The Most-Hated Woman In American Politics

From Holden:

Katherine Harris is reviled, yet Florida Republicans are likely to go to the polls next Tuesday and nominate the candidate least likely to unseat Senator Bill Nelson.

The poll, conducted Aug. 25-27 by Strategic Vision, a Republican political consulting firm based in Atlanta, shows that Harris’ unfavorability rating increased to 61 percent from last month. Her favorable rating is 17 percent.

The poll also shows that 38 percent of likely Republican primary voters would choose Harris, down from 45 percent in the firm’s last poll. Will McBride, an attorney from Windermere, stayed essentially the same at 21 percent. LeRoy Collins Jr., a retired Navy admiral who has recently won a number of prominent newspaper endorsements, jumped to 19 percent. Peter Monroe, a developer from Safety Harbor with federal policy-making experience, came in with 5 percent.


In a matchup against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, however, McBride and Collins fare better than Harris. According to the poll, the numbers are: Nelson 63-Harris 20; Nelson 58-McBride 22; Nelson 57-Collins 23; and Nelson 63-Monroe 15.