Do you have a question?

I’ll be doing a 2 hour radio show on New Orleans with Roadmaster again on WORT radio. Roadmaster would like people to be able to ask any questions they have on the state of New Orleans one year later.

So if you have a question you can leave it in comments or please email it to me and we’ll have it answered on the show. The email address is in our sidebar.

3 thoughts on “Do you have a question?

  1. Number one question that still needs to be answered.
    Why should we rebuild? Although the jackass lawyer over at American Zombie asked it in a jackass way, it is a question that people still need to have answered because there hasn’t been anyone making the case WHY it should be rebuilt in the face of all the right wing “they are 5 feet below sea level, what are they thinking?” comments.
    I loved Dambala’s answer about the economy and the food supply. More people need to hear that answer. I’ve memorized it.
    2. “What’s the next most important thing we can do to move the ball forward in a specific area.?” Who should we write, call, agitate to and about what? Where can the voices of a few pissed off activists and radio listeners make a difference?

  2. in that case, with rising sea, should people live on the FL coast? the carolina coast? let’s evacuate LA now before the big one comes. this is only because NOLA is full of poor people. they can’t ‘afford’ to live in a future(existing) disaster zone.
    as said elswhere, reading a 1891 encyclopedia and hit ANTIOCH, which was rebuilt time and time again after earthquakes, fires, and invading armies. i believe antioch is still there.

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