Lamont And Lieberman A Dead Heat

Rasmussen has a new Lamont-Lieberman poll out.

Lieberman 45% (-1)

Lamont 43% (+2)

Margin of Error: +/- 4.5%

Note that a MOE of +/-4.5% is relatively large, back in the day when I did customer satisfaction surveys for the State of Texas we were required to achieve an MOE of +/-3%. This is one of the reasons many of us are skeptical of Rasmussen’s polling. That said, let’s see who the poll says is supporting these two men.

“Most GOP voters, 62%, prefer Lieberman, who also attracts 27% of Democrats. Lamont attracts support from 69% of Democrats.”

5 thoughts on “Lamont And Lieberman A Dead Heat

  1. MOE is huge, but Lieberman is slipping, Lamont is rising. And this is a dead heat.
    Not good for the incumbent. Heh.

  2. What the unholy blue hell is wrong with 27 percent of Democrats? I mean, okay, I could see if it was a choice between Lieberman and an out-and-out Republican, because there’s a majority at stake here, but dude, there’s an actual Democrat in the race. WTF?
    The stupid. It burns us.

  3. This is hopeful. I was concerned the Republican/Lieberman Dem alliance was a lock.
    Lamont was the best campaign money I ever contributed.

  4. bet many are jewish or israel supporting middlecrats.
    ooh, that anti-semetic group is gonna get pansypoo now.

  5. Customer satisfaction with the state of Texas???
    Oh, and Lieberman is toast.

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