Sunken Treasure

Go read this post from Schroeder atPeople Get Ready on gutting a fellow NOLA blogger’s home…

Wanna know what it feels like? You can’t really, until you see all of your possessions covered in mud and mold. But let’s just say you’re sitting at a desk in your home reading this post. Think of filthy water rising to a level just above your head. Now, everything from from your head on down is ruined and lost forever. What do you have hanging on your walls? What’s in your drawers? What’s on your bookshelves? What of irreplaceable sentimental value will you have to throw on a debris pile in the street — lost forever?

Some houses were flooded all the way into the attics.


TheTimes-Picayune reported yesterday that with 200,000 flooded houses in New Orleans, and a downtrend in the numbers of volunteers, non-profit groups are really struggling to meet the need.

Please find a weekend or two that you can volunteer … and please spread the word that the work here is far from complete.

When in NOLA I stopped to talk with the folks at Common Ground located in the Lower 9th Ward who said they desperately need volunteers to gut homes for the elderly, disabled and single parents. There have 100’s on their waiting list and though donations of money are important they said more important is the need for bodies…boots on the ground.

So consider doing this. You will never regret it.

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  1. My sister and I are planning a roadtrip down there next June, the first time I’ll be back east and close enough to make it work. I feel terrible that I can’t make it down there before that.

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