12 thoughts on “Guess What’s Happening in October

  1. I said this over at Digby the other day: the price of gas will stay down.
    And of course Rove will promise something. Then when ANYTHING happens they will say, “That’s it!” Even it is looks like Bad news for the GOP. Because EVERYTHING can be spun as good news for them.

  2. Don’t look for the price of gas to go up until November 15, by then it will be less than $2 a gallon.
    Terror alerts in five major cities.
    The Anthrax Killer (or a reasonable facsimile) will be taken into custody.
    and the Big Enchilada: Osama bin Laden will turn up dead (a body and everything!)
    And the Cubs Win The World Series!
    ok, that’s just nuts.

  3. We will bomb Iran. Maybe there will be a faked-up provocation a la Gulf of Tonkin, but maybe not even that. Tactical nukes will be used, and by election day we’ll be a global pariah.
    And no, we won’t have Osama yet, and Bush will be back to his “Osama who?” routine.

  4. I am with Anonymous. We will use some pretext to bomb Iran and then all hell will break loose. The dops in charge don’t even know what Iran has for retaliation since they outed the operation that was in charge of finding out (Plame’s folks.)
    G in Indiana

  5. Something, anything to cause optimum fear in maximum population.
    Thus will the “we are the only one’s who can keep you safe” meme engage.

  6. I think it’ll be another Miami terror cell sort of thing. They’ll release the information at the end of October, there’ll be all sorts of gory details about how the terrorists planned to blow up a thousand day-care centers nationwide and kill BABIES!!!! All the MSM lemmings will joyfully run off a cliff after that story, and tell Americans we have to vote Republican to SAVE THE BABIES!!!!!!
    And knowing Rove, if they use that actual story, they’ll throw in criticism of mothers who put their HELPLESS BABIES!!!!! in harm’s way by working instead of staying home with their BABIES!!!!!!!!!!

  7. oops. babies. HEY! IT’S VERY DARK HERE!
    stupid clouds.
    must remember to look before hit OK.

  8. Iran. “Gulf of Tonkin” will be replaced by “Straits of Hormuz” and “North Vietnam” by “Iran” but it’ll be the same speech.
    Gas will stay low, very low, until the Iranian hit, which will be late enough that pump prices won’t really spike until after Nov 2nd. (Iranian hit will be on or about Oct 24). Any increase in the pumps before election will be spun as the Ayrabs fault and part of the sacrifice need in order to be safe from swarthy people. And anybody who says different is an Islamo-persian-fascist coddler.
    That’s it. That’s all they’ll need. The sheeple will bleat to their appointed voting places with enough ambiguity that the REAL October surprise will but the rebugs over the egde … the real surprise?
    Diebod software “batch” to fix security flaws.

  9. I thought you wanted the nannies for the Jennas. From what I’ve seen, they need a couple of caretakers.

  10. I’m kind of surprised that the repugs haven’t used the E. Coli Spinach episode to blame the Mexican workers / make a case for agricultural homeland security / etc.

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