Juggernaut Update

Katherine Harris’ statement yesterday that she can’t give confessed felon Bob Ney’s money back or give it to charity seems to beno longer operative.

U.S. Senate candidate Katherine Harris’ staff is considering whether to give away years-old campaign donations connected to a congressman who has admitted to federal corruption charges, her campaign spokeswoman said Friday.

Harris, a Sarasota Republican running against Democratic incumbent Bill Nelson, got $6,000 from U.S. Rep. Bob Ney’s political action committee, American Liberty PAC, when she ran for Congress in 2002 and 2004.


Harris told The Miami Herald on Thursday that she can’t return or give away the money because it was spent, but her spokeswoman Jennifer Marks said Friday that staffers were still researching what to do.

“This is not something she did wrong,” Marks said. “The key piece here is that the money was (donated) in 2002 and 2004. It was not in this election cycle or in this race.”

Harris, however, already has donated to charity questionable contributions to her 2004 campaign. She gave away $32,000 this year after Mitchell Wade, a defense contractor who pleaded guilty to bribing disgraced former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, admitted he had illegally funneled the money.

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  1. If (?when?) she goes to prison, will you cover her “prison Juggernaut tour”? Speeches to her [non-existant] fellow prisoner supporters. Her rise to the top of the prisoner government association. …
    She’s been too much fun. We can’t let her fade away!

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