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More from Howitzer Explosionguy’s interview ofyour president.


BUSH: These people want a unity government. The unity government is functioning. I’m impressed by President Maliki. I’ve talked to him. I’ve seen the decision-making process that he’s put in place. The Iraqi army is still recruiting and training.

BLITZER: You weren’t upset when he went to Tehran and gave a big hug and a kiss to Ahmadinejad.

BUSH: Excuse me for a minute. I was on a brilliant point, as you know. The Iraqi government and the Iraqi military is committed to keeping this country together. And so therefore, I reject the notion that this country is in civil war based upon experts, not based upon people who are speculating.

What I’ve Got To Learn It From Is People

BLITZER: The visit from Nuri al-Maliki to Iran …

BUSH: To Iran.

BLITZER: …that was a picture that — a lot of Americans saw that picture, big hug, big kiss, and they said, hey, what’s going on here?

BUSH: What’s going on here is you’ve got the president of a sovereign nation going to a neighbor, making it clear to the neighbor to stop meddling with their new democracy, that he would expect there to be support of this new government and not undermining the new government.

This is a man who is dedicated and committed to a unity government. He has taken great risks to advance the cause of peace and unity is his country, and so …

BLITZER: So the bottom line, you have confidence, because a lot of other people are beginning to lose confidence.

BUSH: Yes. No I have — I don’t only have confidence in him, but General Casey and, again, our ambassador. That’s how I learn it. I can’t learn it — I frankly can’t learn it from your newscasts. What I’ve got to learn it from is people who are there on the ground.

Before The World Changed

BLITZER: …the “New York Times.” There’s a paragraph in here — I’ll read it to you — about your dad’s former secretary of state, James Baker. “In his 1995 memoir, Mr. Baker said he opposed ousting Saddam Hussein in the Persian Gulf war in 1991 because he feared that such action might lead to an Iraqi civil war, to criticism from many of our allies, and to an eventual loss of American support for an occupation.”

BUSH: He was writing before September the 11th, 2001, and the world changed that day, Wolf.

BLITZER: But Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

BUSH: Excuse me for a minute, please. The world changed that day because we had to deal with threats. No question Saddam Hussein did not order the attacks. On the other hand, Saddam Hussein was viewed as a threat by the Congress, by the United Nations, and by the United States administration. And so James Baker was writing before the world changed.

I’ve Used Saddam

BLITZER: You know, you were thinking, dealing with Saddam Hussein long before 9/11.

BUSH: I wasn’t in office long before 9/11.

BLITZER: No, let me remind you …

BUSH: I wasn’t in office that much longer.

BLITZER: I’m going to remind you of an interview you and I did …

BUSH: 9/11, 2001 and I swore in in January of 2001.

BLITZER: But when you were a candidate for president, you were still the governor of Texas, you and I sat down in Iowa …

BUSH: Right.

BLITZER: …just before the Iowa caucus, and we had this exchange. Listen.


BUSH: We shouldn’t be sending mixed signals and, if at anytime I found that the Iraqis were developing weapons of mass destruction they wouldn’t exist anymore.

BLITZER: Who wouldn’t exist? The weapons?

BUSH: The weapons of mass destruction, yes. I’m not going to — they just need to hear that from a potential president, that if we catch them in violation of the agreement, if we in any way, shape, or form find out that their developing weapons of mass destruction, that there will be action taken, and they can just guess what that action might be.


BLITZER: The point though being that, at least to my mind, the weapons of mass destruction issue, in your mind even as a candidate running for president, was a trigger potentially that could lead to war.

BUSH: Well of course, Saddam, I’ve used Saddam Hussein for what he was, a threat. He was declared a state sponsor of terror, Wolf, by previous administrations.

People Lose Lives

BLITZER: But, there are other countries that have been declared state sponsors of terror, like North Korea, like Syria, Cuba. You don’t go to war against them.

BUSH: Well, North Korea hadn’t invaded its neighbors. North Korea hadn’t made declarations of intent. North Korea’s relatively isolated compared to Iraq. Every threat must be taken seriously. And, every threat must be dealt with in different fashion. I strongly stand by my decision to remove Saddam Hussein.

BLITZER: And, you don’t look back with any regrets?

BUSH: I regret when people lose lives. But, presidents don’t get to do do-overs

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  1. I loved the response Froomkin gave to that first assertion about conditions in Iraq.
    W. is an idiot.

  2. “BUSH: Excuse me for a minute. I was on a brilliant point, as you know.”
    Oh I’ll be laughing at this line all day. It’d be tax money well spent, if you know, people weren’t dying.

  3. gotta give Wolfie credit
    He actually FOLLOWED UP with his questioning…WOW
    what a novel idea from our “liberal media”

  4. “But, presidents don’t get to do do-overs.”
    You might want to think long and hard about that, Mr. President, before you go into Iran.
    I’m just sayin’.

  5. that’s funny – i remember a quote from W saying (paraphrasing, if not quoting, because i’m too lazy to look for it) “presidents don’t get do-overs, but i did”
    make up your mind, ya idiot.

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