Today on Holden’s Obsession with [Yesterday’s] Gaggle

Others have covered Pony Blow’s claim yesterday that Chimpy has been saying “all along” that the war in Iraq has made America less safe. There’s not much one can do with such a jaw-dropping assertion.

And that doesn’t leave me much to obsess on from such ashort gaggle other than Blow’s attempt to spin Republican reluctance to be seen with the president.

Q Tony, how do you justify five events where the public has no idea what the President is saying, what the pitch is, who he’s meeting with — in some cases, how much money is raised —

MR. SNOW: I think people understand what the President stands for. It’s not as if — typically, you try to make sure that if you’re having an event in somebody’s private home, that it remains private. That’s been a standard not only in this administration, but prior. It’s not like the administration is pulling rabbits out of his hat. He’s saying things that you’ve heard before and that you’re aware of.

Q Well, actually, in the previous administration they started this way and there were a lot of protests from the media — and from Republicans, as a matter of fact — and they allowed a feed to come out to reporters and they allowed a print reporter to be in.

MR. SNOW: Understood.

Q So are you all considering that at all?


Q Why not?

MR. SNOW: As I said, because, frankly, we’re just not in the business of revisiting this. The President is certainly going to be plenty accessible to you guys and he’s going to be accessible to the public and you know what his positions are. And we’re going to continue to express them.

Q But is this the way for Republican candidates who perhaps might not want to be pictured publicly with the President to avail themselves of his fundraising prowess while not being seen with him?

MR. SNOW: You’re going to have ask them. That’s not my reading, but feel free to ask them.

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  1. Yeah, as long as you stand for something and clap real hard, having a good plan, competent people to carry it out and all that other shit just don’t matter.

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