Your Tuesday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

Banned from Air Force 1? That’s gotta hurt.

People involved in Florida politics say they’ve never seen anything like it: Deep in her campaign for U.S. Senate, Katherine Harris, is all but shunned by her party. On President Bush’s recent trip, she was pointedly avoided and was not invited to travel to another GOP event with the president on Air Force One.

3 thoughts on “Your Tuesday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

  1. As someone said. She’ll never squeal. Why? Because she will have to go to jail if she does.
    That is why they think they can ignore her with impunity. But if we are going to go all “woman scorned” maybe she will say screw ’em.
    The thing is she might not even HAVE anything on the Bushes to really squeal about. Do you think she was smart enought to keep a smoking gun memo? Do you think that Rove is dumb enough to do a direct contact with her? Nah.
    So they will just keep dissing her and dissing her. Should be fun to watch

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