Your President Speaks!

Today, withUnocal Employee of the Month Hamid Karzai.

Who Was The Killer Now?

After all, just yesterday, Taliban gunmen assassinated Safia Ama Jan — cold-blooded kill — she got killed in cold blood.

Was Stopped Being Gathered

Now, you know what’s interesting about the NIE — it was a intelligence report done last April. As I understand, the conclusions — the evidence on the conclusions reached was stopped being gathered on February — at the end of February.

Experience With Good Product

You know, I think it’s a bad habit for our government to declassify every time there’s a leak, because it means that it’s going to be hard to get good product out of our analysts.

Will Fire Karl Rove

We’ll stop all the speculation, all the politics about somebody saying something about Iraq, somebody trying to confuse the American people about the nature of this enemy.

The Look Back This?

You know, look, Caren, I’ve watched all this finger-pointing and naming of names, and all that stuff. Our objective is to secure the country. And we’ve had investigations, we had the 9/11 Commission, we had the look back this, we’ve had the look back that.

Hubris Much?

Q If I may, Mr. President, do you agree with the analysis from the counter chief European — counterterrorism chief European spokesman who said today that the international support for terrorism has receded. Do you agree with that? And do you see the tension between two important allies of yours, Pakistan and Afghanistan, undermining your effort to get Osama bin Laden? Thank you.

PRESIDENT BUSH: It’s a four-part question. First of all, I didn’t — what was this person a spokesman for?

Q Counterterrorism chief in Europe.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Some obscure spokesman?

Q No, actually, he has a name.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Okay, he’s a got a name. Well, no, I don’t agree with the spokesman for the obscure organization that said that the international commitment to fighting terror is declining.

11 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Ok maybe I’m confused here (wouldn’t be the first time).
    In the last question, the reporter quotes the Counterterrorism Chief of Europe saying that “international support for terrorism has receded,” IOW there is less international support for terrorism/terrorists now then at some point in the past.
    And Bush’s response is to disagree that “the international commitment to fighting terror is declining.” Which, of course, would be completely opposite of what had been asked.
    So, was the reporter trying to lob Bush a softball, and he just reflexively contradicts, did the reporter misquote the CT Chief or in George’s mind does terrorism = fighting terror?

  2. What that man needs is a slap right on the kisser, something to shock him into consciousness, rearrange his synapses, jolt his smug silliness. How any human being can stand to listen to such drivel coming from someone with so much power is beyond my grasp.

  3. Now, you know what’s interesting about the NIE — it was a intelligence report done last April. As I understand, the conclusions — the evidence on the conclusions reached was stopped being gathered on February — at the end of February.
    And we’ve gotten much safer since then! Terrorist recruiting because of the Iraq war is down 5%! At least! See, when you know all the facts, you’ll see we really are safer, but not yet safe!
    He makes my head spin…

  4. I’d say “a**hole” but even that word isn’t strong enough (although it’s usually what I end up yelling). I just can’t think of something with sufficient punch to really describe what I feel when I read this fool’s words, and in all humbleness, it’s not for lack of vocabulary.
    And if I may expand on Hoppy’s sentiment with some wise words from my father, since they should be applied to the Current Occupant of the White House: “Somebody that stupid needs a kick in the ass. And if they ask why, they need another one.”

  5. …”our objective is to secure the country”…
    …aside from the fact that I would write my children out of the will if I paid for their Yale education and they talked/thought so sloppily, it strikes me that his goal of “securing” the country might be a much more insidious concept than the idea of “making the country secure”…
    Fundamentofascistneoconwinger Freudian slip, perhaps?

  6. I was confused by that as well, and was figuring I must have read it wrong. I’ve been getting confused pretty easily as of late – I think I have to stop listening to Bush speak. The stupid is infiltrating my brain.

  7. An appendix in normally just useless, unless it swell to an unusual size and needs to be removed before it becomes fatal. That seems to describe Bush well, he’d just be the idiot son a rich man if not swollen by the Presidency, and even his Presidency might have been merely useless if not swollen by 9/11.
    A**holes are at least functional. Bush is a dangerously infected organ that needs to be removed, starting with the current elections.

  8. I noticed that too. I think he’s just so used to everyone outside his cabinet disagreeing with him, he just automatically launches into a defensive response out of habit.

  9. “Taliban gunmen assassinated Safia Ama Jan — cold-blooded kill”
    Why can’t the Taliban murder innocents in a non-cold-blooded fashion, like our GIs do in Irag and Afghanistan, or like our BFF Israel does in the occupied territories?

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