(One) NIE to be released

Bush’s press conference just concluded and Bush stated the administration will release the NIE.

Interesting is thatJosh Marshall is reporting there is a second intelligence report entirely on Iraq which the Bush administration is sitting on…

We’ve been making calls all morning. And it turns there’s another NIE the White House is apparently sitting on. This one’s entirely on the situation in Iraq. And the word we keep hearing to describe the findings are “bleak.”


TPM now has more on secondNIE report* (see below)…

There’s a second damning Iraq report floating around the intelligence community.

At least, that’s according to Rep. Jane Harman (CA), the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee. At an event this morning, Harman disclosed the existence of a classified intelligence community report that gives a grim assessment of the situation in Iraq, and called for it to be shared with the American public — before the November elections.

The report has not been shared with Congress, although sources say a draft version may have circulated earlier this summer. It is a separate report from the one revealed by major news outlets Sunday, which is said to conclude that the war in Iraq has made the U.S. less secure from terrorist threats.


Democratic sources on the Hill confirmed that the report has been a topic of discussion, particularly because of concerns that its release was being “intentionally slowed” by the administration.

*Marshall reports that the second report is essentially an NIE but not being designated as such…

It now appears that it is an NIE in all but name, prepared in the same way, by the same people. But it’s not been given the ‘NIE’ label because that would trigger reporting requirements to congress that the adminsitration has wanted to avoid.

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  1. DEMS leak the damn thing
    If Rove and Company can play politics and out an Intelligence agent (Valerie Plame) with impunity…
    Why cant you secretly release a document that states the obvious!!!!

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