AP: Foley Resignation Good for Republicans.

No, SERIOUSLY, that’s about the gist of this story:

“Resigning leaves your attackers nowhere to go,” said Eric Dezenhall, a crisis-management consultant. “If this had dragged on, it could have sucked Republicans into the vortex of scandal.”

That’s the SECOND GRAF.

And then we get into “Democrats had consenting adult sex, which is totally just like underage e-mails:”

Bill Clinton used contrition, counterattack and an artful definition of what constitutes sex in his ultimately successful defense against impeachment brought on by his relationship with an intern of legal age.

We go on to list every Democrat who’s ever fucked a prostitute, but nowhere in the story does it even mention that Republicans are the anti-gay party of loving hetero families who believe the Internet is an evil force in our society and that sex on the TV is causing us all to lose our virginity.

It’s thehypocrisy, stupid.

But hey, he resigned, so no big deal. Otherwise, there’d be a huge scandal.

“It’s much harder to defend yourself against something like this than the garden variety sin such as adultery or murky campaign contributions,” he said. “This is not garden variety. This creeps people out.”


5 thoughts on “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

  1. Are these Fascist GOP bastards REALLY so stupid to think that Foley’s resignation will make everything all better? Fuck, I think they do, and they are WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. This is a MAJOR GOP Homosexual Pedophelia Cover-up, that needs EVERY lumen of Daylight shed upon it. DFUCK THESE FASCIST MOSTERS.
    This is the final straw on the back of their Republican Family Values [] dictum… It’s TOAST, and it’s time that we fucking POUND THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM on it.
    THESE are Republican family values… Pedophelia is SUCH a Family Value, that Boehner, just yeaterday, STOPPED the democratic Party’s request for a House Ethics Committee Investigation on the subject… Here’s The VIDEO []
    In the words of Garrison Keillor: “They are Republicans BEFORE they are Americans.” and they need to be STOPPED… NOW.
    At this point, I don’t give a shit HOW they are stopped… Hopefully peacefullly, on November 7th. After that… welll… My own kid-gloves are off.

  2. The Republicans think they can call the Foley matter a victory because they know so many Republican men are closeted [] about their sexual orientation.
    The fact that they are gay is not the problem. The problem is that they hide behind hate so no one will know their truth.

  3. Once again the mainstream media shows that it has mastered the two basic tenets of 21st century life in America:
    1) IOKIYAR, and
    2) Always blame the Clenis.
    Works a charm. The natives remain in their prozac state of indifference to the actual reality, and nobody in power is pissed off, so access and position as chief bootlickers remains unchallenged.
    Should the young page provide too problematic, editorial pages will of course be handed over to whatever swiftboating outfit is hired to smear him — after all, we’re not only mediocre and mainstream, we’re also mean and miserable, and if we can’t get away with lying, we’ll let someone else do it on our behalf on our pages.

  4. Wow, I don’t usually do this but I just read these comments at Atrios’s place and I had to share it. If it’s bad form to do this, I apologize but do it anyway. Left Behind posted JulliaAnns words and they really deserve a wide read:
    “Ahh, Woodward and now Foley. What a lovely day to be alive.
    JulliaAnn posted this at Dkos:
    “…the GOP is the party of fearful and perverted people who get their jollies from pissing on others. These are the brownshirts, the psychologically unbalanced, the racists, the uncool kids, the thin-lipped fat white bad dancers, the authoritarians, the C students, the control freaks, and the dispossessed — all joined together in one political party dedicated to sticking it to whomever they can momentarily feel better than. I can look at the Republicans in my own family and see the truth: these are people who are more afraid and less educated, and willing to do almost anything to be “on top” because they spent a pivotal time in their lives feeling unimportant. They need counseling, but they won’t get it…these people are dangerous — at every time and in every place they have appeared in history.”
    So perfect I could cry.
    Left Behind | Homepage | 09.30.06 – 6:15 pm | #

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