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NOLA bloggerOyster, who has called for the resignation of Rep Alexander of Louisiana, raises a very important point that has been lost so let’s go back to those emails which House leaders and other GOPers have mischaracterized as “innocuous.” Alexander’s former pageforwarded emails to Rep. Alexander’s staff…

Saying they “freaked me out,” the youngster forwarded them to a lawyer on Alexander’s staff in late August, two days after Hurricane Katrina hit, asking her to alert Alexander.

“If you can, mention this to Rodney so he is aware,” one of the page’s e-mails said. “I wonder what he would do about it.”

Below is one of theemails.

foley email sent 2

The highlighted excerpt reads…

I talked to another page that was here during the school year and first part of summer.—-(her name) said that there was a congressman that did hit on pages. She didn’t know his name…

The page writes of being told by another page of a Congressman that “hit on pages.” Pages–PLURAL. This was the red flag that should have triggered a full and immediate investigation. AsOyster writes regarding Rep. Alexander…

but I see NO GOOD explanation for his decision to not ensure that there was a full investigation of the allegations contained in the initial emails which he brought to the GOP leadership’s attention. What good is it to protect your page’s family at the expense of all the others? That’s moral cowardice. How many more disgusting emails and personal overtures was Foley responsible for after Alexander and Hastert evaded their responsibilities to protect the youths in the Congressional Page program?

Members of the House and particularly Hastert should be held accountable for their inaction. AsAthenae says below…

Write your Congressman Ask them to publicly demand Hastert’s resignation. Not from his leadership post. From Congress. Ask them to put out a statement, to talk into a microphone, post something on their web site, go on record in some way asking Dennis Hastert to quit, and to do it now.—–

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  1. Came to make the same comment as the first two sharp-eyed posters – the original needs to be redacted.

  2. for what it’s worth, that name isn’t redacted in the linked story…but eh, what could it hurt to protect a little privacy, huh?

  3. I kind of like that the name appears. I don’t like the invasion of privacy, but I like that its a female name to make a point.
    After all, we know that straight congressmen don’t engage in unusual sexual practices, orgies, sponsored sex parties, or hitting on pages.

  4. Wow how can you guysread that in that little print. I have bad eyes. I’ll try to fix it.
    I know it appears in the original but given what has happened this week I couldn’t leave it there.

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