4 thoughts on “More Progress!

  1. “I don’t get the scandal with Foley, I don’t. I mean, I’ve seen his lil’ pecker many times — he’s a good friend, a really dear friend — and the darn thing’s only this big. What damage could he possibly do?”

  2. George Bush can’t see these people. He won’t ‘see’ anyone who can’t afford the $2200/plate functions he attends.
    To him, America consists of: His Base and the little people who do their laundry and mow their lawns, foreigners, and wealthy liberals on welfare.
    The economy is running great for those who would profit the most from his politics. That’s all that matters to Bush. Why would these numbers matter to him?

  3. And if you haven’t given me the maximum amount to join the ranger’s club, you are this big.

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