Your Friday Afternoon Republican Juggernaut Update


Less than 24 hours after shetried to patch things over with Jewish Floridians due to her “if you don’t elect Christians you are legislating sin” remarks Katherine Harrisreturns to her fundamentalist Crusade.

Congresswoman Katherine Harris took her uphill Senate battle to a tiny Avenue Q church on Thursday, carrying a leather-bound Bible and praying with a group of six dozen ministers, community leaders and educators.

Harris, Republican U.S. Senate candidate, asked the group to consider how biblical figures would feel to know modern politics keep religion and government separate.

“There are no Ten Commandments in our halls of Congress,” Harris said.

“It’s time that we re-take America,” Harris continued. “This is our challenge.”

Between prayers, Harris told the group she was party to a recent prayerful conference call where three issues were targeted for their importance at the national level: children, immigration and the economy.

“There are spiritual solutions to all of those,” Harris said.


Harris made the scheduled Treasure Coast stop the day after a Quinnipiac University poll shows her trailing incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson by 28 points.

7 thoughts on “Your Friday Afternoon Republican Juggernaut Update

  1. “…three issues were targeted for their importance at the national level: children, immigration and the economy.
    “There are spiritual solutions to all of those,” Harris said.”
    There’s already a solution to children, Juggs. It’s called ‘birth control”. Of course, your party rejects that solution out of hand. If only your brain was a large as your (surgically enhanced) boobs.
    I know, she really meant ‘Child Safety’, but as usual she has limited ability to articulate what she means. She’s just really not very bright.

  2. Would you give up Nelson’s seat to expose DIEBOLD Republican Electoral Fraud…
    Hear me out if by some “miracle” (a la Diebold), Katherine Harris “wins” the election…could that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in regards to Diebold…and touch screen voting
    I think i would do it…Nelson would eventually win anyway
    just a thought…

  3. As I recall, the Biblical solution to immigration (in Joshua and Judges) is “kill all the foreigners.” Is that really what Katie is suggesting? I guess so.

  4. Interesting. Of course there would be an investigation and that would be the ONLY one that won and only an isolated “bad apple.” nothing to see here, move along. 51 to 49 will be the winning total, they can’t be too greedy on this one.
    /god I’m fucking cynical to day.

  5. Ooh, ooh. Same principle applies if Blackwell wins over Strickland here in Ohio, as Bush’s Boy is down by about 20 points. I don’t think I could make that sacrifice, though. If there is no successful challenge to this election the same way there wasn’t in 2004, I just don’t think we could stand the result. That’s just too awful after 8 years of Taft. We can’t take anymore.

  6. The above was supposed to be a reply to Anonymous and spocko up there. I am really losin’ it tonight.

  7. Is she for real? Are any of these people for real?
    Who the hell cares what Biblical figures would think of our government? Even if you accept the Bible as literally and exactly true, it’s clear that none of those people would be able to understand anything about our way of government at all, it being so different from the way people were governed thousands of years ago. Does that mean we shouldn’t have a representative democracy? Does that mean we should have kings? That’s what the Biblical figures would feel comfortable with; too bad it’s not the way we run things in 2006.
    More to the point, what would our Founding Fathers think of our government? You’ll notice she doesn’t ask that, and I suppose that’s partly because she has no clue what the Founding Fathers thought, period, and partly because she doesn’t expect her audience to have a clue, or care, about the Founding Fathers, or the Founding Documents of our nation.
    And what’s with the Ten Commandments thing? If you’re Christian, why all this harping on the Old Testament? If she really thinks the Christians are the ones with the morals, why not talk about the Beatitudes, which are, after all, attributed to Jesus? Or how about the Golden Rule, if she’s so hung up on rules in general? I don’t see her, or any of these so-called Christians, advocating the posting of the Golden Rule anywhere, let alone any of Jesus’ sayings. What is wrong with them?

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